After eight years since Sarah Michelle Gellar graced our television of her long running show in the television entitled Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and now as her return on TV, it was a good choice for her to stay low and wait for something really special just rightfully made for her.

Ringer is an American television series that premiered on The CW last September 13, 2011. The series unfolds the story of the two women, twin sisters played by one and only Sarah Michelle Gellar. She plays the roles of Bridget Kelley and Siobhan Martin. Gellar’s daring role in the latest flick is just stunning as she pulls off the dual role very well.

First, we have Bridget, six months sober, an ex-exotic dancer who witnessed a murder. Fearing for her life, she ditches her FBI handlers and heads off to see her twin sister.

Then there's Siobhan, a socialite with the handsome husband, upscale beach house, Manhattan loft and all the toys that go along with it. But, of course, things are not as simple and content as they appear.
But a lot more misfits will be coming on to Bridget’s way. As she reconnects with her estranged sister, Siobhan drugs her and disappears. For six years, Siobhan absence have resulted for Bridget to become her as she has nowhere else to go and wanting to keep herself away from dangers of what she had witnessed long time ago.

Bridget's biggest mistake is calling Malcolm, her AA sponsor (and possible boyfriend) and telling him what she's done. Scared and lonely, she had decided to tell someone about what she knows.

As Bridget poses as Siobhan, her playing along decision to be her comes with great secrecy. She found out that Siobhan is living in a loveless marriage, and sleeping with her best friend’s husband, even finding out that Siobhan is pregnant. The question is who is the father of Siobhan’s unborn child? Could this be the reason why she disappeared? How is she going to deal with the false pregnancy.

Ringer has a lot of potential in the suspense and thriller genre. You might want to watch this series closely as every detail has an important note. Kudos to Gellar for a stunning performance. She easily carries off both roles on a drama that possesses an eerie atmosphere and sense of mystery all on its own.


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