One of the funniest and emotionally engrossing television series that we can tell a must watch television series. The combination of tragedy and comedy flawlessly executed and its awesome casts complete this television show a great addition to the best comedy shows ever made.

Set in the hospital of Sacred Heart it follows John "J.D." Dorian, played by Zach Braff as he started career from simple and lowly intern, to a full-fledged doctor over the years. A hospital is really the best setting for this series as the tragedy is inevitable. Death, illness, loss, and the doctors trying to survive it all.

Scrub had its all eight year success in the series and had featured seven main cast members, including Sarah Chalke as Elliot Reid who had a relationship with J.D. Donald Faison portrays Christopher Turk, Neil Flynn as the Janitor, and Ken Jenkins as Bob Kelso.

Although it had received a lot of positive reviews from many critics, the show was officially cancelled last year, ending on its ninth season. There is no denying that the television show really worked its way to the top of the best television comedy show until this day. We all have to thank the Scrub writers with their work and several medical advisors, such as Jonathan Doris, Jon Turk and Dolly Klock.

One of the best things as well on Scrubs is the producer’s soundtrack choices. It adds a lot of impressing detail especially with the opening theme of the show. Since it is already off the production, the Scrubs series can be seen most definitely on your DVD sets, if you haven’t watch any of the episodes yet, you may start now. It will take you from a wild laughter, smile and breath taking moment.


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