Sons of Anarchy is another American television drama series that circles its story around the lives of a close-kit outlaw motorcycle club operating in a fictional town in Northern California, called Charming. The plot of the story focus on the protagonist character played by Charlie Hunnam as Jackson Teller started to doubt his club and their activities and his own self.

A lot of interesting naysay about this television drama, first because it rather caters to specific kind of genre or group of people who would be interested to watch it. Second, if you are into a story that shows certain degree of toughness and unlikeness, then this drama fits for you.  Whichever you prefer, the television series had some mixed reviews from different TV critics.

From its quite beginnings last 2008; it instantly became a hit, which then started the following of the second and third season. Although it received some few bad reviews, it renewed again for its fourth season installment last September 2011.

In the series, each motorcycle club members has his own story to reckon with. We often see the club members, steadily wearing cut vests and a member’s patch on their own vests.

Another cool thing about this series though is that, it does not go with the typical motorcycle club story alone. It shows other perspective of the personas that the actors are playing, having their own day job, doing what normal people do but with closed with mystery. Behind these fronts, we typically predicted that either drugs or guns are all part of the show.

It does! The club members primarily make money by illegally importing weapons, or supplying weapons to different gangs. Shot in the Teller-Morrow auto shop in a regular basis, it was created to set a mood of a typical setting for a gangster hub. This is a place where many things usually happen in this television drama. If you dig badass action, tune in and watch!


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