Three-time Emmy Award nominated writer, actress and television producer Emily Kapnek once again proves her worth as an artist and creativity. She created the As Told By Ginger and as a consulting producer on the television series Parks and Recreation, and now her current creation, Suburgatory.

Suburgatory is an American television series which premiered last September 28, 2011. The premise of the story goes to a certain single father who decides to get away New York City to the suburbs so he can have a better environment for his 15-year old daughter and a better life right after he finds a box of condoms in her drawer.

Another fun series to watch, and something that we can say, fresh from the oven! The show is very well-executed (ultimately cast smartly, well-written and directed), although the similarity of the shows landscape and scenery may be similar to that of the Stepford Wives film.

The show had received a lot of great reviews including that of its funny and clever lines. The leads are also charming and live up to their characters. Led by Jane Levy as Tessa Altman, Jeremy Sisto as George Altman, and Carly Chaikin as Dalia Royce; also included in the roster are Rex Lee as Mr. Wolfe, Allie Grant as Lisa Shay, Alan Tudyk as Noah Werner and many, many more.

Kapnek’s view of the suburban life is really almost general, satirical, and cliché, but with good writing, and incredible cast, you can make something that stands on its own merits even how basic and simple the story plot, or even if it seems that the craft is just a repeat of an old film. But the question still hangs in for our young and zesty creator, could it last long?


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