Amazing Race is without a doubt one of the best in reality show on television to date. After winning twelve Primetime Emmy Awards, the producers and creators of the show had only proved that they are the one to reckon with, and continues to make the best for each season.

The Amazing Race is a reality television game show in which contestants are pair of two people, with either personal attachment or relationship, and races around the world in several destination places to compete with other teams. From the show, team contestants receive clues that tell them where to go next, along with the challenges that test the teams’ endurance and intelligence.

Contestant’s races until a pair arrive first at “pit stop” at the end of each obstacles of the race, to compete for a winning prize of $1,000,000. The one to come in last, expects the possibility of elimination or any kind of disadvantage of the contrary to the winning prize.

The show provides the kind of suspense feeling that you see on action dramas, and the producers do a great job on that because it works all the time. The show can actually be set apart from all other game shows. It does not go with the regular gimmickry that we see mostly on the television show.

Amazing Race bring in a new kind of reality game show that actually more active, more intelligent and something unpredictable. It may look complicated but the plot line is easy. Just the mere suspense of the race, of who is going to make it to the first or who is going to be the last keeps the viewer tight on their television screens.

Emmy Awards panels are just right for making this show the top most favorite of all time. The Amazing Race is a huge leap for reality game shows.


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