From the creators of Family Guy, comes a spin-off of the much-loved series and animated comedy, entitled The Cleveland Show. The life adventures of the Griffin’s family neighbor named Cleveland Sr, highlighted in this spin-off series. In the earlier part of the series, Cleveland made a promise to his old high school sweetheart, Donna. At the later part of the series, Cleveland’s newly introduced family includes his wife Donna and his three kids. All of which are also similar to the set up of the Family Guy series.

The shows like Family Guy and American Dad almost has the same genre and have a lot of very funny and hilarious outrageous moments, on which some viewers may likely compare to the Cleveland Show. Although the show may have gathered numbers of negative feedback since its first season of airing which consists of 22 episodes, it continued to flourish in the sight of Fox TV. The show was later picked up again for another season, which consists of 13 episodes, and Fox announced for its 3rd installation, despite the negative feedback from Metacritic website, IMDB, The Washington Post and other TV review sites.

While Fox continues to deliver fresh and somewhat daring animated series for the past decade, some believed the story plot does not work on both directions – from viewers and the writers. The story plot had received negative reviews, especially when Cleveland, portrayed as a fat and slow black person in the spin-off, contrary to his snappy character in the Family Guy series.

Some may have a negative impression on the show but for some, it is a complete set of a refreshing take on animated shows. Having said that, it is encouraged that one must see first the entire episodes to get to know the real deal of the show.

The Production Company 20th Century Fox Television and Fuzzy Door Productions are the ones behind the Cleveland Show.


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