Brace yourself on this thought provoking series, although the format of The Killing will make it difficult to keep the ideas fresh and the plot developments realistic, the show still retains its authentic feel without becoming tiresome and boring.

"El Diablo" continued to showcase the unique qualities of this riveting crime drama.
The Killing has been compared to Twin Peaks, but it seems to have more of the qualities of gritty cable drama. The show focuses on the more unsavory elements of the city, like its schools, politics, and even its families.

The story goes out to our lead character covering the investigation of the crime of murder of Rosie Larsen. In Seattle, Detective Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) is almost on her last day on the job as she and her son Jack (Liam James)are about to leave that evening to join her fiancé in Sonoma.

Thing became even more complicated and hard for her to leave because the missing girl, Rosie Larsen, is found in the trunk of a car registered under the campaign committee for councilman Darren Richmond whose running for mayor.

The story is told with impressive direction and good writing, with plenty of details and realism to hook in most viewers. Like any good mystery, the introduction simply raises questions, and gets the viewer to care about what's going on. Questions such as who killed Rosie Larsen and what will this series stores for us? Will it go for another season or will it end soon? Many questions that only one answer fits them all, watch the series and will find out more.

One trivia we’d like to share is, this television suspense drama series is a remake of the Danish series which is also written by Danes. However we sees it, The Killing’s first season and hopefully the next are ultimately phenomenal and successful.


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