The Mentalist Episode: Season 4, Episode 6
Title: "Where in the World is Carmen O'Brien"
Synopsis: A police chief is murdered in a resort town, and the case leads Lisbon to reunite with her brother, a bounty hunter who's searching for a bail-jumper.
Guest Cast Henry Thomas: Tommy Lisbon Fernanda Andrade: Sofia Chavez Malcolm Barrett: Officer Price Todd Eric Andrews: Carmine O'Brien Carlo Rota: Dimitri Zubov Alyson Reed: Joir Kasser Daniel Hugh Kelly: Philip Carmichael Joel Brooks: Don Hendricks Claudia Wells: Chief Marnie Green


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  1. joc says:

    Is this site not complete now that you've revamped it? I used to be able to click on a tv show and it would open and play.

    Maybe I am missing something but I cannot get a show to open after clicking on it, to a video and play. Clicking just puts you back onto the same description page with information about the show/episode.

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