It is the new situation comedy series from ABC Network which features Frances “Frankie” Heck (nee Spence, acted by Patricia Heaton), a middle class, Midwestern woman married to Mike Heck (Neil Flynn) who lives in the fictional town of Orson, Indiana Get the facts.

This new comedy series uses a mother’s point of view to bring more light on the usual point of view of a middle-class family in the Midwest. In the story, Frankie and her husband Mike had lived their entire lives in Orson. Frankie is working as a struggling local car salesperson, and Mike works as a manager at a quarry.

Basically, it is the story about Heck family’s challenges, which seems to go in a failing direction whenever they encounter problems. The sitcom is similar as well, to the earlier sitcom with the same kind of style like Malcolm in the Middle.

The only thing that really makes the show stands out is the fact that Patricia Heaton is a powerhouse when it comes to situational comedies such as this. While she had done a favourable role in her previous gigs as Debra Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond, Heaton switches her character to a much motherly poise in her latest role as Frankie in the show, The Middle.

The critics had given the show good reviews and it actually holds a 71 score on the MetaCritic review aggregator website, as of April 2011. The show had given face to the realistic view of how middle class families are evolving in the present time. ABC had targeted not only the fanatics of raw comedy, it also brings excellent and consistently written scripts or lines. To sum up, the plot is just so well thought of and allows you to realize the reality of the Middle class life, and its a comedy series that one should not miss out.


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