From the comic book series, The Walking Dead had received positive reviews since Frank Darabont first developed it for television released and began its broadcast on the cable television channel AMC in the United States.

Since its first season premier, the series has claimed several awards citing for Golden Globe Awards as the Best Television Series Drama. The best thing about this TV series is that although the story plot lines may have similar approach on the comic version, it brings out another thrilling and suspenseful insight on the television adaptation because many details from the television series is different.

The synopsis of the series goes through the life after a zombie apocalypse came in existence. Rick Grimes of the show Walking Dead is the focal main character that we follow in the series. After he wakes up from a coma, he later found out that the world is drowning with the growing numbers of zombies.

He later joined a group of survivors while looking for his family battling against the zombies in order to be alive. Another thing is the differences of the survivors, tangled also with his family’s troublesome situation and his relationship with his best friend while they escape death and many other obstacles.

Now running on its second season, the Walking Dead adds up more interesting plots and creepy and gory effects as it marks its name as an effective horror drama series to date. If you have seen the film, Resident Evil or the Dawn of the Dead, and compare it to the Walking Dead, there may have been some improvements on how the zombies are showcase. So is The Walking Dead worth watching? We say yes. Does it live up to the genre? Indeed! Let us wait until we see more of this show on the next coming days.


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