From the creators of The Wire comes a new dramatic Series, "Treme.". The tandem of Simon/Overmyer of The Wire fame return with their signature style of multiple narratives, flawed characters but with redeemable impression, accompanied with the realistic view of post Katrina disaster. Enough to make all the fans excited and thrilled, apart from its slow start, the flow of the Treme is much larger different than that of  The Wire.

The cast of Treme is outstanding and very passionate with their acting abilities. The acting in these shows is as good as it gets. Of course, Simon and Overmyer writing the scripts help a great deal. The influence of their writing comes through loud and clear in the all-too-real dialogue (and diatribe).

Set in New Orleans, months after the hurricane Katrina destroyed and brought flood in New Orleans. The culture, lifestyle, food, and tradition were not only affected, but it all seems darkened with all the grief that passed through in New Orleans. As the people try to rebuild their lives and their homes, the show represents how the people deal with it, in the aftermath of the 2005 hurricane.

Treme takes its name from Treme, a neighborhood in New Orleans. It kind of remind us in the show about what the people in New Orleans dealt with when the hurricane happened. But this show is not something that we expect to see happy endings or so, it’s a demonstration of reality that does not make you happy at all, but makes you feel the depressing portrayals that the casts showed.

Among the casts on this show are: Wendell Pierce as Antoine Batiste, Khandi Alexander as La Donnna Batiste-Williams, Melissa Leo as Toni Bernette, John Goodman as Creighton Bernette, Steve Zahn as Davis McAlary and many more, the characters are very interesting and will surely make you ask for more.


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