True Blood Season 4, Episode 12
Title : "And When I Die"
Episode Synopsis: In the fourth-season finale, Sookie taps into Bon Temps' spiritual past on Samhain, a Wiccan festival, for help in her battle with Marnie's latest incarnation. Meanwhile, Lafayette's recent medium encounter spells trouble for his relationship with Jesus; Terry has a surprise visitor at Merlotte's; Alcide makes a romantic proclamation; Debbie has a confrontation with Tara and Sookie; and Nan's authority has its limits after all.
Guest Cast Brit Morgan: Debbie Pelt Joe Manganiello: Alcide Herveaux


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  1. Fatthead says:

    TTTTrrrrUUUUeeee BBBBlllllOOOOOooooooDDDDD

  2. oliver says:

    trueblood yay

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