Two and a Half Men, one of the biggest hit comedies for the past years that were ranked on the Top 20 programs may have changed its style and funny scripts to what others may seem like a revamp of the hit comedy show up on another level.

After the controversial exit of Charlie Sheen, one of the leading actors in the series, CBS and Warner Bros, the creator and executive producers signed up Ashton Kutcher to fill the post left by Sheen, as a divorced Internet Billionaire. Sheen reportedly sued Chuck Lorre and their dispute, was said to be resolved in the large sum of approximately $25 to $100 million.

For those of you, who are new to the current season of the show, the story continues to revolve around the life of Charlie Harper, his brother Alan and Alan’s son, Jake.

Charlie Sheen, who played the role of Charlie Harper, in the new series, is gone and had left his legacy. Charlie portrayed as a bachelor who wrote jingles and was a children’s songwriter. Jon Cryer as Alan Harper, and Charlie Harper’s brother lives with his brother and his son and eventually lives with Walden Schmidt (played by Ashton Kutcher), in the present series plot.

For some of the followers of the series, the firing of Charlie Sheen was a mistake and even more a lot mistake to include Ashton Kutcher on the series casts. Recently, the show had received several negative reviews about the flow of the story lines and some stints that are not necessary, amidst its multiple award nominations.

The new season of the comedy show had set some new changes aside from adding up Walden/ The most recent, episodes tackles mostly the ordeal of Alan and his way of coping from some mental issues, although not really as provocative to be noted on that particular level. His attachment with his neighbor in the next bed, which starred Gary Busey, add some new fun as well in the flow of Alan’s dream escape in the current episode.

Possibly, there is more to expect in this new revamped television comedy series. It is just right to give them benefit of the doubt and simply roll with it.


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