We are once again opening our insights with another television procedural cop series. Unforgettable, is based on J. Robert Lennon’s short story “The Rememberer”, following its debut on national TV just last month.

Although it is still very early to tell, the story seems to have gathered few negative commentaries since its first airing. Not trying to give a wrong impression but the Unforgettable television series writers may have to work more on how to develop the characters.

The show rather reminds us of similar approach of another procedural cop mystery drama, “The Mentalist”. On which the lead character man has the skill of persuasion and almost equivalent to a psychic ability that help his colleagues in solving crimes, the only difference here is that our main character role is a woman, and has a vivid and photographic memory.

Carrie Wells, a police detective from Syracuse NY, played by Poppy Montgomery is the main character on which the series revolves. She has a rare medical condition that gives her the ability to have a photographic memory and remembers everything in detail.

She joined the NY Police Department homicide unit after her former boyfriend and partner asked her for help in solving a case. Her decision had led her to unveil what really happened the day her sister was murdered.

Carrie’s character though may need more development and most definitely, it could have worked better since its start, with a much developed and believable casts. Nevertheless, it could be just that it is still early to predict its success for now. In the meantime, let us wait for more developments that may come out.


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