NBC’s great sitcom roster is once again joined by a new comedy show, Up All Night. Christina Applegate and Will Arnett stars in this fun packed television series, and they portray Reagan and Chris’ characters.

The show follows the parenting and adjustments of a couple named Reagan and Chris for their baby Amy while they try to stay hip and cool; Reagan (Applegate) is a producer of her bestfriend Ava’s (Maya Rudolph) talk show, while Chris is a stay-at-home husband.

The story focuses more on the idea of having to sacrifice the usual things that a person does way before they touch parenthood. The show recognized this socially as one thing that actually happens in real life. Although the producers are more likely to make this show look like it is clever and smart by casting Applegate and Arnett for the Up All Night show.

The show tries to be smart and sophisticated in a low key kind of way, and it succeeds in this part. Domestically, the show’s implementation on how to handle baby is somewhat failing in this criteria. This is where the producers should look into if they want to see this show earning the interests of the audience too.

Up All Night has already collected a lot of positive yet critical reception to date, and one that comes to our mind is when HitFix had expressed how “Will Arnett and Christina Applegate are both playing parents while Maya Rudolph is playing a sitcom character”. Despite all these comments, Up All Night had proven that they can do better and it still has a lot of things to offer.

Their ratings by NBC standards, was a success. It is currently ranked second highest rated scripted series after The Office ranging from the ages of 18 and 49, and the show is currently airing its 10th episode for its first season. And it rumors has it that NBC had picked up for the full season this year.


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